My top Android apps


This is a list of my top Android apps:

  1. SwiftKey keyboard: replaces the default keyboard and adds the “flow” feature $$
  2. Sunrise calendar + DigiCal + Google Calendar*
  3. Twilight: adapts the screen to the time of the day by making it red accordingly.
  4. Easy Battery Saver
  5. Timesheet: for time tracking
  6. Wunderlist: for task management f/$$
  7. Sleep as Android (unlocked): for sleep tracking and as an alarm clock $$
  8. GnuCash: for bookkeeping
  9. Evernote: for notetaking f/$$
  10. Google Drive + Docs + Sheets: for writing on the go
  11. Pocket: for reading web articles offline free of ads and distractions
  12. gReader Pro: for reading feeds (integrates with Feedly) f/$$
  13. Moon+ Reader Pro: for reading ebooks f/$$
  14. Plume: for tweeting
  15. WolframAlpha: for instant expert knowledge and computation $$
  16. CamScanner: for scanning documents by taking images f/$$
  17. Smart Audiobook Player f/$$
  18. IFTTT
  19. Link Bubble: to open links without leaving the current app. Very handy.


  • f: free
  • $$: paid
  • not indicated: free

* DigiCal is great for its Cut/Copy and Paste feature while Sunrise calendar has a great user interface and offers (for free counter to DigiCal) the feature to add other calendars to integrate Evernote (for reminders), Facebook (for birthdays & events) and other services.


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