WhatsApp – Why I don’t use it


Having been repeatedly asked by friends and colleagues at work about having WhatsApp I decide to write a short post about my reasons for not using WhatsApp as my main medium of communication.
These reasons also apply to other similar and non-similar services but given that WhatsApp is most popular I have chosen to write about it.

My reasons are as follows:

  • Not unique: WhatsApp is not the only service that offers these features
  • Speeds up life’s pace: It increases the pace of life which is already too fast. I wish to slow down my clock not speed it up.
  • Always on: no way to stop the service which leads to a shorter battery life.
  • Distracting: Being always turned on and having many contacts will lead to constant notifications that distract and decrease focus even if you don’t check them.
  • Settings: not enough control is given to the user
  • Privacy & Security: anyone at anytime can reach you. Add to that that it has been proven that WhatsApp had previously sent most data in plain text and the supposed “encryption” they employed was just hiding data not actually encrypting it. Moreover, WhatsApp has been reverse engineered.


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