Fadi Ghandour of Aramex on Education & Startups in the MENA Region


On conquering and crossing borders in the MENA region, Fadi said:

“It took me 15 years to do that” –Fadi Ghandour

And on attracting a team for a startup, he said:

Being able to build a team is an obstacle most startups face, Aramex included. People in the region look for stability in their jobs; it is engraved within the culture.

He added that people would think or say:

“Arabs delivering packages on time; they don’t go together” –Fadi Ghandour

He was spot on, indeed. We lack the right “mindset” in this region. There are many people with the right mindset but the surrounding mindset is very vital for the start and development of startups.

source: Inspiring a Generation of Entrepreneurs with Fadi Ghandour, Step Conference 2015


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