Selected Resources on Fluid Mechanics


Below is short list of selected resources if you’re studying (advanced) fluid dynamics.

If you’re getting started with fluid mechanics at an advanced level I recommend you the following select resources. I also invite you to check previous posts on fluid dynamics most of which are videos or images of amazing fluid flows.

Courses and lecture notes

MIT – 2.06 Fluid Mechanics

This course is a good review of the basics of fluid statics or hydrostatics. It provides 5 (unsolved) assignments.

This class provides students with an introduction to principal concepts and methods of fluid mechanics. Topics covered in the course include pressure, hydrostatics, and buoyancy; open systems and control volume analysis; mass conservation and momentum conservation for moving fluids; viscous fluid flows, flow through pipes; dimensional analysis; boundary layers, and lift and drag on objects. Students will work to formulate the models necessary to study, analyze, and design fluid systems through the application of these concepts, and to develop the problem-solving skills essential to good engineering practice of fluid mechanics in practical applications.

MIT – 2.25 Advanced Fluid Mechanics

One of the best courses on fluid mechanics. The best about it are the assignments which are provided from Shapiro & Sonin’s (self-published & internal) manuscript. Even better all the assignments including two quizzes and one final exam are all provided with detailed solutions.

The course begins by explaining the two (Eulerian & Lagrangian) viewpoints and build on from the basic principles of (mass, energy, momentum) conservation gradually until the full Navier-Stokes equations for viscous fluids has been developed. At the end frictional boundary layers are studied and its relation to (surface) shear stress.

This course is a survey of principal concepts and methods of fluid dynamics. Topics include mass conservation, momentum, and energy equations for continua; Navier-Stokes equation for viscous flows; similarity and dimensional analysis; lubrication theory; boundary layers and separation; circulation and vorticity theorems; potential flow; introduction to turbulence; lift and drag; surface tension and surface tension driven flows.

Bristol – Advanced Fluid Dynamics, Andrew Hogg

The course is given by Prof. Andrew Hogg. The course homepae links to a very good set of notes by Jens Eggers which summarizes an introduction to advanced fluid mechanics which very much follows the book by Kundu (see below).
The course provides the course’s assignments, previous exams and their corresponding solutions as well as summaries of the lecture notes. AS a bonus you will also find Maple worksheets that simulate some of the concepts. It covers flows with intertia and negligible inertia and instabilities.

Videos & Films

As an aid in your studies I recommend you regularly check the following:

National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF)

In 1961, Ascher Shapiro founded the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF) in cooperation with the Education Development Center and released a series of 39 videos and accompanying texts which revolutionized the teaching of fluid mechanics. MIT’s iFluids program has made a number of the films from this series available on the web. (Download / Purchase information.)

You may check the full playlist in another post.

Gallery of Fluid Motion, by APS

The Gallery of Fluid Motion is intended to be a visual record of the aesthetic and science of contemporary fluid mechanics, to be shared both with fellow researchers and the general public. Each year, the submissions are judged for their combination of striking visual qualities and scientific interest and the top-ranked video and poster entries are designated as Milton van Dyke Awardees or Gallery Winners, which are subsequently published in APS’ new journal Physical Review Fluids.


Kundu & Cohen, Fluid Mechanics
A very good book that is easy to read and explains things very clearly. (based on partial reading)

Batchelor, An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
Cosidered as a bible for many though others say it is not well written. I haven’t read it to judge.

Cushman-Roisin and Beckers, Introduction to Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
An introductory text to large-scale flows (e.g. oceanography) on Earth (and other planets).


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