Install Windows 7 on VirtualBox – Status: error 0xc0000225


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When I try to install Windows 7 on Virtual Box 4.1, I get this error:

VirtualBox - Windows 7 error Status: 0x0000225

To fix it, stop the virtual machine, go to Settings -> System and check “Enable IO APIC”

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Installing Promethean ActivInspire Software On Ubuntu 12.04 or 13.04


To install the Promethean Activboard Driver and ActivInspire Software On Ubuntu 12.04 or 13.04 follow the steps below:

Note: Please note that Promethean supports only 32 bit Ubuntu systems. I have not tested it for 64 bit systems.

sudo apt-get install libjpeg62

From the Ubuntu Software Center add the following repository in “Other Sources”:

deb precise oss non-oss

Back in a terminal run:

wget && sudo apt-key add Promethean.asc


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install activinspire activtools activdriver

Now logout and login again and try running Activinspire.

source: [n00bs on Ubuntu] How To Install The Promethean Activboard Driver And ActivInspire Software On Ubuntu 13.04

OpenDNS: Parental control and internet protection


I have been searching for a way to filter out inappropriate internet content. I thought one time that a tool (something like iptables) must exist that has an index of such sites and their IP’s which can be used to filter them out or block them. I thought maybe one could use such an index if it exists to feed it to a modem or router and have the modem/router do the job. Unfortunately this is not possible. Actually any modem or router has the ability to block and allow certain domains but that would require the manual labor of entering each specific domain, which is inefficient in any case.

After some searching I found out about something called OpenDNS and FamilySield. It turned out that OpenDNS is actually what I have been looking for. It does everything I was thinking of and even more. So hereafter, I “outline” the four main steps to get OpenDNS working on your network hoping that this might actually be of use to you. Continue reading

Mainframs, Unix, CERN computing center, Ubuntu driving Mercedes-Benz


Here’s a couple of interesting videos I’ve watched recently:

Mainframes and the Unix Revolution

If you liked this video, I suggest you read the book “Turing’s Cathedral”. Check the review.

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Book review: “Turing’s Cathedral” by George Dyson


Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe
by George Dyson
Pantheon (2012-03-01)
9780375422775 link
goodreads link

I was drawn to this book by its title & cover design. “Turing” in the title plus the punched cover directly meant (at least in my own mind) that it was about Alan Turing and the Universal machine.
Before this book I knew little about Turing’s universal machine and the origins of the computer. I knew about Von Neumann only by the name.

After reading this book, I got more interested about computers. I now have an awareness about how powerful the computer is (especially in our times) and how inefficient we (or at least me) are using it. Now I know the origins of the ENIAC, MANIAC & their derivatives. Know I know what an “app” was like in the 1950’s.

Turing’s Cathedral (still not sure why “Cathedral”!; maybe referring to the computer as the cathedral?) is an exciting read especially for the computer enthusiast, mathematicians, physicists, and scientists in general. It is eloquently written and describes things in details.

What I liked most about it is that it has references to actual scientific papers written the creators of the computer. As a matter of fact I have selected a couple of papers too read.

I finished the book without even knowing it. It suddenly stops without prior notice, as if there is a continuation that has been cut.

I really enjoyed reading this book and recommend it for everyone, literally everyone.

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