The Third Revolution, an intriguing talk by Jeremy Rifkin


Wireless data transmitted through light bulbs [TED]


Below is a very interesting TED talk by Harald Haas from July 2011 on the use of light (and light detectors) to transmit digital data. I watched this video in August 2011 and just watched it again from my downloaded archive. This is really interesting.

It is worth noting, as Harald mentions, that data is transmitted as electromagnetic waves. And to those who are not aware light is an electromagnetic wave.



Evernote for Educators #1 – Online Physics Agenda


Since the school I currently teach at has not yet employed a Learning Management System (LMS) [1] or  a School / Student Information System [2] that involves students (eg; in regard to assignments, worksheets, announcements, & grade book, etc…) and the students are expected to depend on their physical agenda which was not effective with some students, and since most students have a smartphone or access to a computer and an internet connection I started thinking of a way to solve this issue using technology.

Surely, I had to keep all students on equal footsteps especially for students who might be behind the class due to being slow writers or simply late because of being distracted. Continue reading

Kids React to WALKMANS (Portable Cassette Players)


[Video] A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami


This work is very interesting and will definitely help in the detection of widespread diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries. The only primary obstacle that needs a real solution is countering the monopoly by vaccine manufacturers.


Foldscope: Microscopy for everyone:
Manu Prakash’s lab page: