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Growing Cancer Cells & Coronal Mass Ejections Are Visually Similar



Using solar and astronomical image processing techniques and mathematical theory we have developed novel image analysis techniques to track the growth of tumours and other cell-based structures, which can be crucial for advancements of therapeutics to treat diseases such as cancers.

The visual similarities between coronal mass ejections and the outward invasion of cells from a tumour spheroid are striking. This study aims to help us better understand changes in the tissue architecture which are associated with tumour growth.

source: Departments of Physics, Aberystwyth University

Miroculus uses Data Science for Early Detection of Cancer



Interactive Periodic Table with Videos


Interactive Periodic Table with Videos on each element by TedEd



[Video] A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami


This work is very interesting and will definitely help in the detection of widespread diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries. The only primary obstacle that needs a real solution is countering the monopoly by vaccine manufacturers.


Foldscope: Microscopy for everyone:
Manu Prakash’s lab page: