Seeking an #Internship in #Geophysics |Cherche un #Stage en #Géophysique


Seeking a 5- to 6- months industry-oriented internship in applied (marine) geophysics or remote sensing, and machine learning or signal processing for the period April-Sept. 2018.

Your help is very much appreciated. You can contact me, tweet to me @astrobob_tk, leave a comment below or simply share this status.

Thank you

Je cherche un stage de fin d’etude en geophysique (marine) a partir de Avril 2018.

Votre aide est très appréciée. Vous pouvez me contacter, tweeter à @astrobob_tk, laisser un commentaire ci-dessous ou simplement partager ce statut.



Assorted links – Data Science with R


last updated: 2015-08-29

References & Most helpful commands

Tutorials & Handy packages

Hands-on dplyr tutorial for faster data manipulation in R Interactive Visualizations From R Using Rcharts rMaps – Interactive Maps from R (github repo) (requires “devtools” from cran)
Using R for Psychological Research – Personality Project, William Revelle
DataCamp courses
Try R by Code School (on codeschool)
Introduction to R, Leada

Visualization Packages

see Assorted links – Data Visualization (to be published later)


Tidy Data, Hadley Wickham [PDF]


Big Data & Society – Open-access journal

Hacks for better productivity

Sublime and R

Using Sublime Text 2 for R Using R in Sublime Text 3


Video (training) courses

Introduction to Data Science with R, Garrett Grolemund, O’Reilly Media

Lists of Resources by others

Data Mining

Scraping Twitter and Web Data Using R – Pablo Barbera

Numerical Analysis
Data Sources

see Assorted links – Data sources (To be published later)

If you’d like to contribute to this list, please leave them in the comments below.

Map of Universities offering Data Science degrees


Below is a nice map created by Ali Rebaie of universities offering degrees in Data Science based on data from this github repo. Contribute using this Google spreadsheet.

[via Ali Rebaie]

Miroculus uses Data Science for Early Detection of Cancer



Rscript to customize the R environment


A while ago I published a post on how to install some basic packages in R. This post goes further by sharing with you an Rscript (as part of another Ubuntu customization script) to install many popular R packages.

I’ve written the Rscript to be run after a fresh installation of Ubuntu. The Rscript is called by the Ubuntu customization script (yet to be published) and should install some basic and popular R packages.

Below is a Gist. For the repo click here.

Big data: predicting future city solutions, Rand Hindi, CEO Snips


Visualized statistical history of the world (BBC Four & TED)


Today I share two videos with you. The first is an episode of BBC Four’s “The Joy of Stats”. The other is a TED talk.
Both are presented by Hans Rosling.

In these videos Hans Rosling visually demonstrates statistical data on the world’s wealth, health, family size, & daily income among several others by continent and country. The demonstrations are amazing. Enjoy

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