Working backward to solve problems


A while ago I stumbled on Farnam Street blog [1] somehow and I am glad I’ve followed this blog. It puts forth really interesting ideas based on the readings of the author. He attempts to “master the best of what other people have already figured out”.

Recently, Shane the author, shared a post [2] with a TED talk on inversion [3]. The summary of the talk is as follows

Imagine where you want to be someday. Now, how did you get there? Retrograde analysis is a style of problem solving where you work backwards from the endgame you want. It can help you win at chess — or solve a problem in real life. At TEDYouth 2012, chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley delves into his favorite strategy.

I found the talk interesting and so I share it with you.

Thanks to Farnam Street.


[1] Farnam Street blog
[2] Working backward to solve problems
[3] For more on inversion


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