Convolutional Neural Networks for Oil Spill detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Images



Detection of Sea Surface Temperature fronts in AVHRR GHRSST ODYSEA Satellite Imagery


Global Sea Level Variation due to Plate Tectonics



Credit: First schematic is done by Cecile Grigne at the European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM)

Quantum Harmonic Oscillator: Power series method in Maple


In the previous blog post What is Computational Physics (Science)?, I ended the post with the following figure

Graph of the probability distribution of the 100th state of the quantum
harmonic oscillator (generated using the power series method).

and stated that I might write a post on how to solve the Quantum harmonic oscillator numerically using the power series method (the other method being the ladder operator method [1]) and generate that figure. This post is just about that.

Ok. First I need to clear the cache with the restart command, import the PDEtools (to solve the pde SE) and Maplets[Elements] (necessary if you want to generate a maplet with a slider) packages.

with(PDEtools): #we need to use the dchange command later in the solution