Install Windows 7 on VirtualBox – Status: error 0xc0000225


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When I try to install Windows 7 on Virtual Box 4.1, I get this error:

VirtualBox - Windows 7 error Status: 0x0000225

To fix it, stop the virtual machine, go to Settings -> System and check “Enable IO APIC”

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Virutalbox: Resizing a static disk



Yesterday I launched one of my virtual machines to find out that I am low on space. I wanted to expand the static (fixed size) disk but apparently this couldn’t be done on a static disk. Some posts indicated that one could clone the disk as a dynamic one and then resize that.

I wanted to resizing the vdi disk from 7GB to 12GB. To do this I

  1. converted the static disk into a dynamic disk using
    vboxmanage clonehd disk-name.vdi new-disk-name.vdi
  2. resized the disk using
    VBoxManage modifyhd new-disk-name.vdi --resize 12000  #12000 is 12000MB
  3. replaced the disks in the settings of the machine (ie; removed the old disk and added the new disk)

But this did not solve the problem. Albeit the disk is now dynamic and 12GB in size, still the additional space was detected as unallocated space in the virtual Ubuntu 12.04. Given that the unallocated space was added to the end of the partition table, there was no way of resizing the root partition. Continue reading