Convolutional Neural Network for Oil Spill detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Images


Vim casts


Vim Screencasts – from Drew Neil the author of Practical Vim.

VIM video tutorials


Over the past or so year I have been heavily using `Vim` as my main text editor for Python scripting and LaTeX editing of my CV as well as taking notes from occasionally. Moreover, over the past few months I’ve added `tmux`, a terminal multiplexer similar to screen,  to my environment to get a great combination with `Zsh`. If you love the Linux terminal as I do this is a great combination. Each of these three tools is very popular and very expandable and customizable.

`Vim` has a steep learning curve and it will take a lifetime of use to master it. So if you do not like the terminal I would recommend against using vim as it is a terminal-based text editor which heavily depends on keyboard shortcuts and is not for people who like to use the mouse. However, do not be

Searching for vim will yield a variety of text and video tutorials as well hour plus long talks. Each has its own however I recently discovered TheFrugalComputerGuy on Youtube and his videos are quite easy to follow for beginners. I recommend them to everyone especially beginners. A playlist is embedded below. Another video below it is a good way to improve your vim speed by using (or not) some features.

Also, I have previously shared vim games that help learn vim in a fun way.

And of course the VimTutor is a great way to learn about vim. Simply type vimtutor in the terminal to begin your learning journey.


Links – Have Fun Typing & Learning Vi/Vim Shortcuts


Vim Adventures – navigate the Vi/Vim land by learning Vi/Vim shortcuts

ZType – Typing (shooting) Game